Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guy from my homegame busts Negreanu (almost)

From his facebook updates during the WSOP $1k Donkulus (stimulus), names changed to protect the guilty. How'd you like to be on Negreanu's left all day.

XXX does not like having Daniel Negreanu sitting directly on his right. He and another Canadian one seat over stole my blinds mercilessly for 4 hours.

XXX got tired of Negreanu stealing his blinds and reraised in the SB with K-T suited. Negreanu reraised all in and as I was contemplating folding, he joked that I had too much in the pot to fold. Short as I was, he was right. So I called my last 1000 and the flop came A-K-x and my kings beat his pocket Queens. After the hand, he said he had a feeling he was going to lose that one.

XXX, After Kid Poker doubled me up, I beat him in another big pot. I had TT and he had a seven. I made a hero call on the river with a board something like 7-Q-J-4-2. I don't know what his other hole card was, he announced a pair of sevens when I called, then mucked when I showed TT. That put me back in the tournament and Negreanu busted out soon after when he bet all in on a random low flop with A-K and the other Canadian to his right turned over KK.

Funny thing about Negreanu was that he was posting everything live on Twitter. "Running bad. QQ lost to K 10 guy called all in. Weird cause I felt like I was gonna lose it."
Anyway, Kid Poker was pretty much like you see him on TV. Very patient with all the fans interrupting him for autographs. He gets thumbs up.

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