Friday, May 23, 2008

Freerollin' to the World Series of Poker

So I'm trying to satellite into the main event, played a few Full Tilt freerolls where you go all in the first hand no matter what since only 1 person goes on to the next qualifier. Some people actually play these things tight..silly.

Also, played an $8 shootout style where I got JJ and went all in on the first hand and lost to KJ when one guy got a straight on the river.

Then I played a $14 satellite to a bigger satellite, had to finish in the top 8 out of 36 to make it to the next satellite (30 min qualify for the 150 seat giveaway). I basically played super tight until my BB's got under 10, then I jammed whenever I was in TT and tripled up when there were 15 people left and coasted to the end. So now I'm playing the second step on June 1st.
Pokerstars let's you play in a freeroll once a week if you qualify through that you can play in the 200 seat crapshoot but for free...why not.

Play doesn't get anywhere near realistic until you're down to the last few tables. It would be cool to be that guy who parlays a few bucks into a seat.


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