Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WSOP Tournament of Champions..haha..

So ESPN decided to only air 4 tournaments on TV this year (they are showing tables on ESPN 360 this year). They picked the main event, the $40k Hold'em, the Ante Up for Africa charity event, and the Tournament of Champions which featured only former main event champs.

ESPN figured that they would guarantee big names at the final tables which would be "better" for TV. For the $40k, they got Ted Forrest and Greg Raymer at the final table, sure they are well known but they don't really make for exciting TV.

In the Tournament of Champions the final 4 was Robert Varkonyi, Dan Harrington, Tom McEvoy, and Jim Bechtel...possibly the four least known guys. They are all good guys but they aren't going to fire up the non-poker public.

The event was basically a cheesy made for TV tournament that ESPN thought they would film and cash in....all the while only giving out a corvette as a prize. No wonder a few of the guys didn't show up. A few years ago they had a invitational and paid out millions, this year a car. haha.

ESPN is reaping what they sow with their ridiculously limited coverage.

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