Friday, May 23, 2008

Freerolling to the WSOP take 2

So in the last blog I talked about trying to satellite into the World Series of Poker main event by entering free rolls and low buyin events. If you read this blog, you will know that I played in about 200 hundred of the freerolls on Full Tilt Poker and gave up trying the freerolls and qualified for a satellite by using points.

This year it took about 10 of these things for me to win, turns out the top 2 make it in the next round satellite, I made it to the final table in the chip lead and cruised to the finish...getting quad tens didn't hurt. I'll play in a round 2 and if by some miracle I finish high in that one, it's on to the real satellite for a seat.

Last year I would go in every first hand no matter how bad my holding was, this year I changed it up a bit, I'd wait until I had a decent starting hand then jam, it seems to work better, I made it deep in about half of the freerolls I got into.

Good luck to all you other low rollers trying to make it.


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