Sunday, July 8, 2007

Low Limit Poker and Chad Texter

Well I'm covering the WSOP for again this year from my cushy digs at the Gold Coast. I brought the wife with me this year but she is 6 months pregnant so we don't do a whole lot of sight seeing...but we do do a lot of playing very low limit poker.

All the Gold Coast spreads is $1/$2 NLHE and $2/$4, $4/$8 Limit Hold'em with half-kill...big time baby! The first night I took the first available seat and it was the $1/$2 NLHE...I was up about $60 when I decided to bluff a guy when I held 44...oops. Eventually, I quit down about $79 from being tired from the trip. The next night, I took the first available seat and it was $2/$4 Limit Hold'em. I played for about 5 hours and won $255...It was unbelievable how bad the players are; they cannot get away from a hand, so I snapped off several big pots on the river.

The next night I figured..may as well play the $2/$4 again...cashed out up $116 after nothing too interesting. After covering the WSOP all day I headed back over to the poker room to meet the wife for dinner, since it was July 7, 2007 the casino was having all kinds of specials...$7.77 buffet etc.

I started playing the $2/$4 again since I'm such a playa...and the poker room manager says...anyone who gets two 7's as their hole cards will win $100 if they are the same color; and if someone gets quad 7's..they will win $100. So about an hour later my first hole card is the 7 of hearts, so I'm hoping for the 7 of diamonds...sure enough I get now I want the hand to end quickly before someone else tables two sevens...the flop comes I bet out to protect my hand get about 4 callers, sure enough the case 7 appears on the turn and I win a big pot and $200 extra...not bad for $2/$4...i tip the dealer $20 and start drinking coronas faster than Men the Master...I quit about 4 orbits later up a total of $283.

Only one more night here at the WSOP so it looks like I may actually be able to cover the wife's losings!

Today I interviewed Chad Brown during the first break of day 1c of the Main event. That guy really does have some pythons for biceps and he seems to be a very nice guy. I didn't needle him about dating his daughter...I'm sure he gets enough of that. The guy has 7 cashes at the WSOP this year in several different types of poker but he still is being eluded in getting that first bracelet...he told me he had Erik Seidel all in 3 times during their headsup match for the 2-7 triple draw title but got outdrawn each time...he wasn't upset at all...he said as long as I play my best I can't be unhappy.

Seems like a good philosophy...of course going home to Vanessa doesn't hurt too much either.

Friday, July 6, 2007

WSOP with two of online's biggest names

I'll bet the WSOP this year is won by a european, due to the US legislation, the Rio is overflowing with Euros. I won't say that Europeans are outnumbering the US contingent this year but it's pretty close.

Yesterday I did two interviews with a couple of the biggest names in online poker, Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby and Brian "sbrugby" Townsend. They are both here promoting the online training site (you can check out my review of the site here). Brian bought into the site after I did the review, you should definitely check it out if you're looking to take your game up a knotch.

I was impressed with both Taylor and Brian; but they are two very different people, when I asked them both what they would do if Online poker became 100% illegal in the US; Taylor said he would probably get a job on wall street as a trader; Brian said he would have to buy a place in Vegas, a place in Nice, and a place in Santa Barbara and spend a third of his time in each place. Although, neither one expressed much interest in being a long time poker pro.

Brian is playing in the Main Event right now and Taylor plays on day 3; you can check out the rest of the interviews in the near future on

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