Monday, August 31, 2009

DJ AM found dead

DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein was found dead yesterday. Now I know what you're thinking, "Texter wtf does DJ AM have to do with Poker?" Oddly enough, a decent amount. Back in 2005 when PokerLizard could actually get a Press pass from Harrah's to cover the WSOP; I played in the Celebrity/Press charity tournament. This tournament has the worst structure of all time (except compared to the Gold Coast's daily tourney) with blinds escalating rapidly and a low chip stack to start, but it was free and it had some decent celebs (I actually kind of miss it, now that Ante Up for Africa has relegated it to total obscurity).

One of the celebs playing that year was DJ AM who had Nicole Richie with him, she was on a pretty popular show back in those days called The Simple Life in which she and Paris Hilton played to the camera and acted like morons. Anyhow, I'm playing in the charity event where each table gets one "celebrity" player and my celeb player is supposed to be none other than Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson, of course he never shows and my celeb ends up being nobody which kinda basically Doyle can kiss MY butt (see Doyle's twitters about Peter Eastgate:

Doyle Brunson
Eastgate can kiss my butt. I slept 4 hours to b on timeTue, 16 Jun 2009 12:22
Doyle Brunson
Came to photo shoot with Peter Eastgate. He didnt showTue, 16 Jun 2009 12:19
Doyle Brunson
4 freaking hours of sleep..gotta USA Today photo shoot. this is too more interviews or photos. gonna kill me...geeeez still in 10k).

Oh yeah, back to DJ AM, so I eventually bust out of the tourney and who gets moved to my exact seat but DJ AM, with Nicole Richie sitting behind him...I thought that was kinda cool for my tablemates since Doyle no showed. From what I could tell he seemed like a good kid, I saw him playing in the Main Event later that week.

I took a pic or two of him and Nicole which I'll try and dig up later.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top 10 Worst Poker Shows

Let's face it, in the poker boom years many many many shows were rushed into production. And to be honest most of them really sucked. From Celebrity Poker Showdown to the current turd Face the Ace there has been no shortage of awful production values and terrible poker play. Checking in at Number 10 is:

Celebrity Poker Showdown. This show was hosted by the somewhat obnoxious Phil Gordon and the increasingly intoxicated Dave Foley of "Kids in the Hall" and "News Radio". Dave knew pretty much nothing about poker and to alleviate his boredom got increasingly blitzed as the tapings went on. Since an entire season was shot in basically one weekend it's pretty funny to watch him on the championship episodes.

The show was pretty much only as entertaining as the players, in some instances the show was very funny (See the wanda sykes episode) to painful to watch (see reality show episode).

Some players seemed to play decent (Michael Ian Black and George Costanza) but in most cases the poker play was laughably bad. Here is a clip of the worst episode of all time, per our interview with Phil Gordon: