Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sit n Go Ramblings!

So last night I am stayed home with the kids and decided to play some poker on-line. I play on UB. I like the interface, can always get a game pretty quick and I have not had problems depositing or withdrawing money from the site. All pluses in my book.

I try to play two sit and gos and one cash game. Occasionally, I will play 4 tables at a time. But once my tourneys get down to three people I need to get up from the cash games to better concentrate. Playing three or four tables prevents me from getting board and playing to many marginal hands.

$10 Tournament number One just started and already two people waiting for my second $10.00 tourney. I think I will play a .25 - .50 NL table tonight. I am torn on weather I like the new bad beat jackpot on UB. I like the twist they added that any one playing at the time it is hit at the same limits will get a share of the pot, but I do not like the fact that UB takes 10%. It seems to me they make enough on the regular rake. I think it would have been more palatable if it was 10% up 30K. Just my opinion though.

Okay so second $10.00 SNGs started about 5 minutes apart and I sat at a .25 .50 NL cash table that I bought in for $30.00 bucks. Unlike, Texter, I think SNGs give excellent value. It is pretty easy to consistently be in the money. A single table generally plays for an hour to an hour and a half. If you win you get 5 times your buy in. You are not going to get rich playing SNGs but you can generally stay even and slowly increase your bankroll if you play smart. My general attitude in sit in go is let the loose cannons blow each other up. Here is a recap of my play on all three of my tables tonight. Pretty typical.

Tourney #1, Buy in $10 + $1 for house: I raised in first position with nines got two callers. Flop comes A 9 J! Jack pot. I am first to act. I check. Second person checks. Third person bets 3/4 of pot. I smooth call. Turn blank. I check they bet I call. River I go all inThey call. One down 8 to go. Now I sit back and wait for hands to raise with. A K raise. Two callers, miss the flop entirely, continuation bet, get a caller, no more of my chips going in the pot unless I hit the turn. Nope. Check he bets I fold. Wait patiently.Mean while someone else gets knocked out. Limp in with 67 suited. Miss bet min. everyone folds. Back to waiting. Play is a little nutty.Blinds are only 15-30 and guy went all in for 870 with KJ in 2nd position. Gets called by QQ. Hits a K on flop. Doubles up. Seems reckless so early in the tourney like that. Two all ins again. Both have AK split pot. They each had over 1350 in chips. Conservativeplay at the beginning of these SNGs is the way to go. Another one bites the dust. I have lost some chips to some calls. I am not third in chips.Well I have the AQ suited in the little blind and the button raised. He had half his stack in and I felt it was a steal so I pushed all in. If I lose then I would be seriously short stacked. Alas. I was right. They had the A6. I hit a queen and another one is out. Down to 6 and I am 2nd in chips. AA take out two players in one hand. 4 left. I am now 3rd in chips. Pocket 10s raised, guy goes all in. Deep breath call. He has j9. I win. down to 3. $$$ Loss some chips when I hit top pair and they hit a straight. Feeling short stacked. Blind 150 300, I have 1920.Need to make a move. AK big stack raises. I go all in. He calls. He has K10. I double up. We all have about the same in chips now. Pocket 22s.Board comes 10A7 turn comes a 10 and as does the river Check to river. He bets pot. I call. DOH he has an ace. Short stack again. Playing three handed for a while now. Guy went all in with pocket 66s and got called by the big stack with the AQ. Spikes an A. Two left. I am short stacked. Need to push with almost anything and hope. Pushed with 85 and hit an 85. Need to double up three more times to be even in chips. I have battled back.We are almost even in chips. Wow went totally card dead. Being patient. Raising with questionable hands now and then. I am bleeding chips. Doubledup with A5 vs K5. I have slightly more chips then him now. Patient. Fold a bit. Win another good hand with high card. Raise all in with KQ they call with QJ. High card Wins. Pays $50.00

2nd $10.00 tournament: Playing a little loose and call with the 6 8 suited. Flop 884. Check. they bet, I come over the top they fold. Well tight play did not last long. I raised with pocket 9s and found myself pot committed. Oops. Luck out they have two big cards that do not hit. I win the race and double up. Things going poorly. Guy raises. I have AQ so try to push him off his hand. I go all in. He calls. He has pocket 55s. I get knocked out 5th. Can not win them all.

Ring game
So far I have 20 hands played 5. Sit and wait. Like to see flops with two high cards, suited connectors and pairs. I fold A LOT! Limped in onthe button with KQ, flop the nuts. Some one bets pot. I just call. Turn a blank. They check I bet slightly bigger then there previous bet. They call. River makes a runner runner flush and pairs the board. I am not happy. They check. Safe play would be check. But I just do not thinkthe way they hand unfolded they had two pair. So I go all in for my last 13.50. After much table talk, non by me. They call. I now have $45.50.So far so good. Back to sit and wait. Been playing for a while. Have not hit any flops and I am down to 40 bucks. I get up.

Net for this session. $50.00 tourney$40.00 cash gamesubtract 22 for tourney buy in and 30 for ring game.
$38 bucks up an hour and a half later. Not to bad to get paid for my entertainment.

Next time I think I will babble about low limit Omaha H/L. Till next.. Bet if you got it, Bluff if you think they don't!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Story of my SNG life

so I got $75 in my Pokerstars account due to someone signing up with pokerstars through one of our affiliate I decided to play only Single table Sit N Goes with the money to see if I could work it up and to test some SNG strategies. Since I only started with $75 I decided on the $5.50 non turbo NLHE SNGs.

I'm beginning to think it may be impossible to beat these things...even if you finish 2nd every third SNG you aren't making pay $16.50 and get $13.50...that's a $1 loss per SNG.... You'd have to play 43 at a time like Hevad "Rain" Khan and win 1 out of 3 to make this crap worth your while. Not to mention the fact that you are guaranteed to have a long stretch of getting screwed. Due to their nature you will take bad beats is a nice example.

I have AA with about $2500 early in the SNG I'm currently playing...the guy UTG goes all in...I go all in over the top...and the BB calls us both...UTG shows TT and the BB shows KhQh...

so the flop comes down all spades...none of us has a spade...turn...another spade...river the Ten of spades...brutal.

So at my high point of this experiment I had $118...after several unfortunate beats I'm down to $85. Currently, I'm 1st of 4 to go...wish me luck..this may be my last one...I've concluded that SNGs kind of suck.