Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Erick Lindgren Owns Phil Gordon on Poker After Dark...by Texter

On this weeks Poker After Dark featuring E-Dog (Erick Lindgren) and Phil Gordon (along with Phil Ivey, Jennifer Tilly, Patrick Antonius and Jennifer Harman); Erick Lindgren basically calls Phil Gordon an idiot who can only analyze a poker hand when he has a hole card camera to use. Probably the funniest exchange I've seen on the show so far.

Basically, Phil comments that he thought Erick was on a flush draw after Patrick had called Erick's bluff which Erick didn't show. Erick was already fed up with Phil after Gordon had made a speech before play started (something about trying to play with the most mentally challenged players possible but not doing a very good job this week...) he asked Gordon if he read that speech of a teleprompter as if he wrote it a long time ago. Then Gordon goes on some diatribe about how great Patrick's life must be. He calls Patrick the chosen one...and Antonius says "chosen for what?"...all the while Gordon keeps guessing at other peoples hands...then the Lindgren incident occurs.

Phil kind of comes across like that kid from your neighborhood who tries much too hard to be everyone's friend but no one really likes. His quest for validation from the other players is pretty transparent.

Click the link to check it out at the 5 minute mark of segment 2:
Poker After Dark
I wonder if this incident predicated Phil Gordon's article about Lindgren on ESPN? which you can read about in Daniel Negreanu's blog here: Daniel's Blog

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