Thursday, October 6, 2005

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Poker Craps?

I was watching the Poker Royale comedians vs Pros finale the other day (yes I will watch just about any poker show no matter how lousy it is) and they showed a casino game that was played like craps but instead of dice being thrown, cards were dealt out of two card shoes like in blackjack.
It looked like some goofy game you would make up when you were a kid and didn't have all the pieces to any one game, so you mixed some together.

I was wondering why the would have such a ridiculous game when dice seem to make perfectly good sense, casinos are generally not this stupid. Turns out in California you are only allowed to use cards for table games so the state has mandated that there be no more "dice" craps so they have had to switch to cards. There is even a version that uses both dice and cards.

Here is a breakdown of how the games are played versus regular craps games:

Comparing the games
Traditional craps
Roll of two dice determines the outcome of play.
Not legal in California.
Card-based craps
Two cards drawn from 12 determine play.
Legal in state tribal casinos.
Card-based craps with dice
Roll of two dice decides the selection of two cards out of 12, which determine outcome of play.
Legality in California is disputed.

For more details on "California Craps" check out this article: